Overcoming Adversity: Building a Legacy

(The following is a recap of an article in the Oregon Family Farmer, a publication of the Oregon Family Farm Association) The heading over this article is quoted from Alec Oliver: “I never thought I couldn’t.” His personal words say it all about this 29 year old.  The article discusses how Alec becomes a paraplegic through a night of careless drinking and driving in 2012. Coming from a three-generation family that ranches in eastern Oregon (they’ve owned their ranch for 160 years), Alec grew up in a saddle with a branding iron in one hand and a rope in the other. After his accident, Alec purposefully decided to continue the family legacy. Using special equipment to achieve that end – a lift that will lift him onto horseback along with a special saddle, a track-wheelchair that allows him to traverse all-terrain surfaces and a drone which allows him to view their 13,000 acre spread, Alec’s  “work surpasses many able bodied cowboys.” Read about Alec’s father, J.C. Oliver III at driskillmemorialchapel.com/notices/Joseph-Oliver , the Oliver Ranch and Alec’s great-great grandfather, J.C. Oliver II, at countrynaturalbeef.com/oregon-ranchers or Randy Bird Therapy Saddles at BirdSaddles.com