This month’s ‘Ramp to Nowhere’

Post office - K. Falls 002

This is a photo of the U.S. Post Office in Klamath Falls, Oregon. When I and my son, who is in a wheelchair, attempted to access the building, we discovered that while the ramp started out with a gradual ascent the slope became increasingly steep at the top where it intersected with the stoop. At the stoop, we discovered that the door was too heavy to open while pushing the chair inward towards the lobby area. Additionally, after going through the outside door we were faced with a second interior door which was also too heavy to force inward while pushing the wheelchair. A kind patron assisted us with the doors. Upon exiting the main lobby we were faced with the situation in reverse. Again, a kind patron stepped in to assist.
If you’ve visited a landmark, stayed at a hotel/motel, ate at a restaurant or encountered any situation that didn’t meet the promise of accessibility, let us post photos! Send us your photos with a general description and location to