Access Conversions (Klamath Falls, OR)

A seal on the hydraulic Crow River lift in our van has slowly been leaking fluid from the base of the support unit onto the carpet. A local business called Access Conversions was recommended as the “go to” place for repairs and installations of hydraulic lifts. We went by the business located on the outskirts of Klamath Falls. No one was there but a sign with their hours was posted on the door. The next day I called their office and left a message detailing our problem and asking them to please call. When we failed to hear from them we drove by the business a second time. Again, no one was there but the sign on the door said that they would be returning by 1:00 PM that day. I called them between 1:00 and 2:00 of the same day and left another message. When we failed to receive a call back I contacted the person who recommended Access Conversions. They said that the staff was familiar with them, as they had serviced several lifts from a local group home where this had person worked, and that they would gladly contact them. This person called on two separate occassions, leaving a message both times. No one returned their call. This left no alternative for us but to contact someone in Medford which is 90 minutes west of Klamath Falls. At the minimum someone from Access Conversions should have contacted us, if for no other reason than to say that they were unable to accept business at this time. Customer service is vital to those seeking assistance with equipment for the disabled. Therefore, I would not recommend this business.