Invacare Reliant Full Electric Lift with Low Base

I have used a manual lift for five years. After researching electric lift alternatives, I chose one from Midwestern Medical Supply Company. They offered a wide variety of lift types and their prices were lower than other supply companies. The lift arrived fully packaged and in perfect condition. It was easy to assemble, though I would recommend two people lifting the mast and attaching it to the base, as the mast is heavy.
The Invacare Reliant Full Electric Lift with Low Base gives the user the option of sliding under beds and other low furniture with ease as well as raising higher than most conventional lifts. I was also able to use the slings that were used with the Invacare manual lift, which saved money. Additionally, the electric lift came with two batteries and a charger so that while one battery is in use the other is charging. The electric lift raises and lowers the patient with ease. It has two tires on each side of the front of the lift, which helps with turning it in tight situations. I recommend this lift.