LL Medico

After an exhaustive search of the internet I came across LL Medico, a supplier of pull-on plastic pants. I was searching for a plastic pant that was heavy and reliable. The last purchase I made from HDIS resulted in plastic pants that were thin and unreliable. At 10$ a pair, I felt the cost was too high for the poor quality (they were $12 a pair if you purchased less than 6 pairs). The reviews from LL Medico were excellent and they offer both a 3 gauge and 7 gauge pant. They also offer a wonderful sizing chart, so that the purchase fits as close as possible to the needed size. Their price was slightly more than HDIS. The price is $14.99 a pair or $12.99 with a purchase of 6 or more pairs. After using the plastic pants for several days, I can say that they are heavy and reliable. I would recommend LL Medico for this type of purchase.