This month’s ‘Ramp to Nowhere’

Mud pots - Yellowstone #1

This photo is from a National Park in Wyoming. When we asked if there was a wheelchair accessible trail to this popular geothermic area of the park, we were told that there was a trail that park employees used to access the site which was shorter but steeper than the regular visitor pathway – not recommended for wheelchairs. My husband maneuvered the 1/4 mile employee trail, eventually dropping onto a completely accessible wooden walkway at the bottom of the incline where the trail merged with the visitor pathway. Our visit to the magnificant geothermal area was  followed by a brutal climb back up the uneven pathway to the trailhead.
If you’ve visited a landmark, stayed at a hotel/motel, ate at a restaurant or encountered any situation that didn’t meet the promise of accessibility, let us post photos! Send us your photos with a general description and location to .